PKK and Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan

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The Key to a Solution is Öcalan, Not State of Emergency in Turkey

The coup, martial law, state-of-emergency years are back.

The coup attempt was by pro-American officers.

 “FETÖ,” (Fethullah Gülen Terrorist Organisation) is only being used as a guise so as not to say “USA”.

In brief, the Republic of Turkey and the USA have fallen out regarding contemporary strategic issues.

The Kurdish question is at the heart of these strategic issues.

The Turkish state has lost in “World War III” and is under pressure from global powers.

We do not know whether Washington played a part in the coup attempt by pro-America military officers. The attempt looks more like one carried out by a junta that has been “cornered” and “forced to commit suicide” rather than an American-style organised, “exported coup”.

Regardless, the fact that the Turkish state apparatus has entered its collapse phase is closely related to the Turkish-American conflict.

Erdogan’s recent interview with Al Jazeera was broadcast concurrently with the state-of-emergency declaration. Al Jazeera asked Erdogan:

 “Do you think other countries could have a hand in the coup attempt?”

His response was:

 “Of course, it’s possible. The Fethullah (Gülen) Terrorist Organisation has a controlling mechanism (superior mind). The time will come when that is revealed too, let’s be patient. They took this step with the directive of the superior mind. The putschists carried out the coup on the instructions of the superior mind.”

Everyone from here to China knows that this “superior mind” refers to the USA.

Immediately after the coup was quashed, (pro-Erdogan) Yeni Şafak Editor-in-Chief Ibrahim Karagül wrote an opinion piece entitled “America wanted to kill Erdogan.”

The AKP government is not on good terms with the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

But “Turkey” is the “joint homeland” of the Kurdish people represented by the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Now, the “joint homeland” is going through a severe crisis.

With state-of-emergency being declared, Turkey is rapidly entering a period of darkness.

The crisis cannot be remedied by declaring state-of-emergency.

Conversely the state-of-emergency exacerbates the crisis.

At the moment we are experiencing an unprecedented “internal purge” within the state.

There is no doubt that this purge is going to overflow “outside the state”. In situations like this the “coup mechanism” that is harnessed soon gains a mind of its own and begins working independently of those controlling it. And before you know it Ahmet Davutoğlu (former PM) and Abdullah Gül (former PM and president) are standing before a court!

In his “official address” following the National Security Council (NSC) and Cabinet meetings and in his address to the public in Konya, Erdogan said the state-of-emergency would be targeting the elimination of the “Fethullah Terrorist Organisation and Parallel State Structure”; the NSC notice also said the same thing.

The usual clause, “the separatist terrorist organisation and its affiliates” (referring to the PKK) wasn't included in the addresses and announcements that were made.

If this wasn’t due to ‘forgetfulness,” then we have a notable difference in “approach”.

There is no doubt that the AKP has taken a great blow. The Turkish Armed Forces’ “backbone” has been broken. Almost all the generals and military officers, who from 24 July 2015 onwards destroyed Kurdish cities and massacred civilians, have become putschists and are in prison.

The Turkish Republic has to a large extent lost the capacity to fight on “two fronts”.

For this reason, I believe that those who declared state-of-emergency have made a “realistic” assessment and “limited” their target for the time being.

However there is a test awaiting us in this regard. If the NSC, government and Erdogan really don’t want to “fight on two fronts” then they need to make this clear with their approach to PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan.

I repeat:

The “joint homeland” is in grave danger.

A common struggle including secularists and Islamists, Turks and Kurds is imperative to exit the crisis. This is possible. The key to it is on the rusty lock of Imrali Prison. This lock needs to be opened. Öcalan's isolation needs to end and he needs to be allowed to play his role in exiting the crisis.

The solution is not with the state-of-emergency. It is with Öcalan…

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