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20/07/2016 - 19:01 0
Turkey’s Coup Through the Eyes of a Kurd

We already know that in Bakur (North Kurdistan-SE Turkey), the putschists and counter-putschists came together to massacre us. Equally, we are aware that they tried to obliterate us using as proxies the Islamic State (IS/ISIS), al Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and other groups in Rojava.

Throughout the fighting between the putschists and counter-putschists we saw that they continuously made their hatred towards the Kurds clear. They also targeted Alawites, left-wing politicians and democrats with threats, lynch attempts and said their possessions and women were now spoils of war.

When the putschists had laid siege on Kurdistan using jets, helicopters and tanks, the counter-putschists supreme commander Erdogan was boasting and saying, “I gave the order.” The second the putschists aimed the jets at them (Erdogan, the state), they did not hesitate to further reinstate their hatred for the Kurds by saying “We gave you those war planes to bomb the enemy, not us.”

We are unsure of what the putschists’ intentions were. Whatever the plan and aim was, it was unsuccessful. However from history we are not completely oblivious to what such a coup may have targeted. We have seen several times what the Kurds, Alawites, left-wingers, Muslims and workers have experienced at the hands of such coups and their organisers. To be quite frank, apart from pain and loss nothing else would have been possible. This is because these segments of society are at the foundation of the problem for the state– the main reason why those in power are continuously fighting, and the reason for such coups. Regardless of who acquires power, those segments of society listed above will always be in the crosshairs of the state.

But we also saw what the counter-putschists are capable of when they enter the fray with their intelligence service (MIT), police force, paramilitary gangs, Islamic State, al-Nusra and civil society organisations; they are capable and willing to commit massacres to hold onto power.

Therefore the putschists and counter-putschists share many similar features. They are spiritual twins; both aim to gather the support of half of society and declare the rest enemies of the state. To those they have turned into the ‘other’ and de-humanised, they see fit all kinds of death and destruction.

On one end of the coup we have Erdogan and on the other Fethullah Gülen; and shared between the two we have the police, army and paramilitary forces. Both have only one interest, and that is to obtain and hold a dictatorial power. Neither believes in democracy, society, plurality or simply humanity. Worse, Kemalists and ultra-nationalists are trailing along behind them, because their only concern is anti-Kurdish sentiment. So realistically they are all one and part of the same body.

There is nothing new on the Western front in other words. We must decide on and walk our own path. The first step could be for each individual who has become estranged or is far away, to form a connection with his or her land once again. For example, the idea and hope of forming a life in a specific village, town or city (in Kurdistan) can be acted on.

Even if the return isn’t conclusive, the individual can form and concretise a connection in the psychological, security and social spheres. This will be strengthen and give hope and security to the individual and also the country’s people.

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