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On its 4th Anniversary Rojava is a Revolution for Humanity: YPJ Fighters

19 July is the 4th anniversary of the Rojava Revolution. Mahir Yilmazkaya from the ANF spoke to Women's Defence Units (YPJ) fighters, who emphasised the Rojava Revolution's importance saying it had become a revolution for all peoples in the world and led to important developments for the unity of the Kurdish people.

'A free life can only be lived in a free country'

The Rojava Revolution has shown that a free life can only be lived in a free country the YPJ fighters said, and highlighted that the free and new life had shown the whole world that all peoples, languages and religions can and will co-exist.

YPJ fighter Avaşin Kobanê said, "I salute the esteemed martyrs who made it possible for the revolution to be successful by sacrificing their lives. We will always remain loyal to their memory."

“The gains that have been made through great resistance show how selflessly the Rojava revolution was achieved in the Kobanê resistance and the soul that emerged from it,” said Avaşin Kobanê before pointing out that during the days when Turkish President Erdoğan was saying Kobanê was “about to fall”, the YPG/YPJ forces showed great resistance along with people of different faiths and ethnicities to achieve the Kobanê victory.

Avaşin Kobanê said the people of North Kurdistan (Turkey's Kurdish region) had given the Kobanê resistance life as they protested for days on the borders and transcended them to join the revolution. “One of the reasons why Kobanê never fell is the valiance of the Bakurê Kurdistani youth,” said the YPJ fighter.

Avaşin Kobanê said the Grê Spî (Tal Abyad) victory also elevated the gains in Rojava and added that the ISIS gangs attacking Rojava were supported by the Turkish state, the AKP government and many other external forces.

'Rojava Revolution continuation of 14 July spirit'

YPJ fighter Hesret Xebat said the Rojava Revolution was created despite the ISIS gangs and the all anti-progressive forces attacking it and that these forces wanted to rob the Kurds of their will in Rojava.

Xebat stressed that the people of Rojava had suffered many massacres and were still under threat but that YPG/YPJ forces had showed great resistance against the forces attacking Rojava.

“The spirit of the 19 July Rojava Revolution is the same spirit that didn't kneel to the enemy in Amed (Diyarbakir) prison in 1982. It is the spirit of Kemal and Hayri, who with their historic death fast on 14 July, gave birth to the resistance," said Xebat.

The young YPJ fighter said the attacks on Rojava were ongoing and that the YPG/YPJ were showing great resistance and defeating attacks.

“As a YPJ fighter I salute the resistance and victories once more,” she said and emphasised that the Kurds had become a will in Rojava Kurdistan and could defend themselves.

'The Rojava Revolution was led by women'

Another YPJ fighter, Sarya Kobanê, said the Rojava Revolution had created an important place for all of humanity and 19 July was a sacred day for all the peoples in the world.

"Women played an important role in every step of the Rojava Revolution, and the women’s resistance shone through in Martyr Arin, who became a symbol of this esistance herself," she said.

Rojava Cantons General Coordination message

The Rojava Cantons General Coordination also released a statement marking the fourth anniversary of the Rojava Revolution in West Kurdistan (Rojava-Northern Syria).

The world and mainly the peoples of the Middle East are experiencing a crisis and period of intense depression. Internal conflicts caused by the crisis are claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The main reason for this crisis is the lack of a realistic resolution plan. The crisis ongoing in Syria for six years now, remains in need of a resolution, which some circles are still awaiting from outside forces.

The Rojava Revolution sparked in 2012 has given birth to a new revolutionary process and proved itself to be a revolution of humanity in every regard. The 19 July Rojava Revolution has created an environment of organisation that is based on a new consciousness, which is building a democratic and free life led by all circles in society. This revolution also serves as a model for the crisis in Syria and the Middle East. The women's resistance led the revolution in Rojava and Syria, and all those resisting women became a symbol for women around the world.

We salute the anniversary of the glorious 19 July Revolution and emphasise that the Democratic Autonomous Administration and Northern Syria Democratic Federal System is built with the spirit of the Rojava Revolution."

Source: ANF