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Öcalan's Isolation Worse Than Mandela's: Essa Moosa

The “Peace and Stability in the Middle East through the ideas of Abdullah Öcalan” conference in the Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) Sulaimani city continues.

Organised by the Academy of Politics and Democratic Thought, the conference is being attended by 150 delegates from the four parts of Kurdistan and other countries.

After the first session earlier today, the second session is witnessing a discussion of resolution proposals by politicians, NGO representatives and politics experts in line with the ideas of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

A panel entitled “Behind the Scenes in the International Conspiracy Against Abdullah Öcalan" was held during the morning's session in the conference.

HDP co-vice chair Aysel Tuğluk moderated the session entitled “Isolation Against Öcalan and the Imralı System”. International Peace Initiative member Judge Essa Moosa, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Ankara MP Sırrı Süreyya Önder and AHB (Century's Law Office) lawyer Rezan Sarıca made presentations in this session.

'Imrali Prison System must be abolished'

HDP co-vice chair Aysel Tuğluk, also Öcalan's lawyer, said there was a particular practice and torture system in place, "which is totally unlawful in regards to domestic and international law, since Öcalan was first brought to Imralı island prison".

Tuğluk stressed that meetings had not been held with Öcalan for more than a year and that there is no information available as to under which circumstances he is being held. She said it is the will of the Kurdish people that is being kept in isolation, and said the Imralı system needed to be abolished. Tuğluk described the demand for Öcalan's freedom as, "a conscientious and moral duty".

'Solitary confinement, threats, psychological pressure'

Öcalan's lawyer Rezan Sarıca also spoke about the Imralı System and stated that the Kurdish leader had made "sacred efforts" for the sake of a democratic resolution to the Kurdish question. "Amid ever-increasing pressure and isolation in prison that involves solitary confinement, arbitrary practice, physical intervention, threat and psychological pressure, Öcalan continues resisting for a peaceful solution," Sarıca said.

Likening Öcalan's isolation to the isolation of Kurdish towns and cities, Sarıca noted that his lawyers had been trying to meet with him for more than five years but were being obstructed by the Turkish state.

Sarıca warned that there would be no return to the democratic resolution process unless the existing "multi-dimensional attacks are defeated through a multi-dimensional resistance".

'Öcalan's isolation worse than Mandela's'

Nelson Mandela's former lawyer and International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative member Judge Essa Moosa, also on the panel of speakers, said there were striking similarities between the Nelson Mandela and Abdullah Öcalan's struggles.

Noting that the isolation imposed on Öcalan was much worse than the one imposed on Mandela, who was imprisoned together with other political prisoners, Moosa said, "The isolation in Imralı is against international law."

Source: ANF