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Kurds Worried About Öcalan's Wellbeing Following Turkey Coup Attempt

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair responsible for mobilisation, Nadir Yıldırım, has commented on the situation of prisoners following the failed coup attempt in Turkey and said state fascism has infiltrated all areas of society. 

Commenting on the situation of Kurdish political prisoners and the banning of visits and telephone calls Yıldırım said, "There are more than 10,000 Kurdish political prisoners, our comrades, behind bars. Their wellbeing and democratic rights are a matter of life and death for us."

Future of country depends on Öcalan

Yıldırım also emphasised the solitary confinement of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and warned the government and state officials by saying: "We are very worried about Mr. Öcalan's situation. The HDP committee to Imrali (Öcalan) made a statement about his wellbeing, but this statement needs to be comprehended correctly. There have been meetings between state-government officials and our friends, and they say Mr. Öcalan is well, but the people who are telling us this burned alive 200 Kurdish youths in Cizre; they razed our cities and towns to the ground; they oppressed and persecuted us in every way possible. So therefore this information is not sufficient. It has not allayed our fears. The future of this country depends on the situation, life and health of Mr. Öcalan."

Our worry continues

Recalling that Öcalan had said, "Putschists are just beside me, only a few yards away," in one of his last meetings, Yıldırım said they and the Kurdish peope were worried about Öcalan's wellbeing on the island prison and were demanding a meeting with the PKK leader.

Meeting imperative

Yıldırım stated that their main request was for a meeting between Öcalan and his family, lawyers or a delegation to be set up immediately. "Unless a meeting takes places our worry is not going to dissipate. Our people are going to show their worry in a more concrete way. The country is going through a chaotic period. In this environment, where those in power are having an internal struggle, it is always very probable for the Kurds to be targetted. This is why an urgent meeting needs to be set up with Öcalan. The AKP will be responsible if this doesn't happen."

Kurdish people angry

The HDP official finished by saying that the Kurdish people were angered and indignant after the request by lawyers to meet Öcalan was rejected today. "It is only a matter of time before the people come out onto the streets in Kurdistan. The same goes for Turkey's big cities. Until concrete information is received from Mr. Öcalan, this is going to be our main agenda and our people are going to be mobilised."

PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan had warned government-state and HDP officials of a possible military coup if the resolution process of the Kurdish question came to an end. During these meetings, Öcalan also said his life would be in danger in the result of a coup, as some officials at the island prison where he is being held since 1999, were possible putschists.

The pro-autonomy Democratic Regions Party (DBP) has also joined calls for Öcalan to meet with lawyers and family.

Source: Özgür Gündem