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16/07/2016 - 14:15 0
Öcalan Was Right About Turkey Coup: Selahattin Demirtaş

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş held a press conference in Diyarbakır (Amed) today following the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

'Our stance regarding the coup is clear'

Demirtaş said they had made their stance clear from the outset and stood against the coup to stand for democratic principles. "The coup cannot be legitimised in any way. It would be superficial to think a coup will further democracy. The coup was defeated because of co-operation and joint stance," the HDP co-chair said.  

We have published highlights from Demirtaş' press conference below:

'A coup against a coup'

"A strong desire for democracy was revealed following the 7 June 2015 general election. But a civilian coup [by the government] has been in place for the last year since the election. The coup yesterday was a counter-coup against the civilian coup. Both coups mirror each other. Turkey has had two opportunities [for democracy]. The opportunity on 7 June was not used and the country became divided into two blocs: war and peace. Now we have an opportunity once again, so the decisions that are going to be made are important. The President's and Prime Minister's statements will determine whether Turkey will become free from military takeovers and threats.

'Democracy front essential'

"A politics that doesn't resort to polarisation is needed urgently. A system that relies on one-man and enforces policies needs to be replaced by consensus and a joint democratic message. It has become evident once again that a democracy front is essential. We are calling on everyone struggling for democracy to strengthen their struggle. We must insist on an alternative, the one created on 7 June, but if they [government/Erdogan] insist on war then new dangers await the country. We are not too hopeful looking at their previous actions but we are making this statement hoping that things can change.

They must stop seeing us as enemies and renounce rhetoric that accuses us of collaboration with the putschists. It became evident yesterday who was with and against the coup plotters. Whichever road the AKP and Erdogan decide to take, the real responsibility lies with the people. They cannot do anything without the people. Democracy is on the streets. Those [Erdogan] branding our call to come onto the streets [during Kobane protests] as treason, had to do the same yesterday. We believed in our people and will continue doing so. It is legitimate to resist on the streets.

'ISIS mentality'

Those who believe in an enlightened, bright future, if we don't build this future ourselves, those belonging to an Islamic State (IS/ISIS) mentality will use this to consolidate their power. If democratic powers unite we can save our country. I send my condolences to those who lost their lives yesterday and swift recovery to the injured. The Parliament maybe ineffective at the moment but this will and we will continue struggling there with the support of our people.

'Öcalan foresaw what was going to happen'

Despite being in solitarity confinement for 17 years Abdullah Öcalan has been the only leader in Turkey and the Middle East to foresee what was going to happen in Turkey and Syria. He has been warning us for years saying, "If the resolution process [of the Kurdish question] comes to an end they are going to implement the coup mechanism. They are going to attempt a coup in Turkey. The resolution process is an obstacle in the way of a coup." Everyone can read this from Öcalan's meeting notes. He is not an oracle nor does he tell fortunes. But he is an expert on Middle Eastern affairs and was the only person who foresaw to a tee what was going to happen in Syria. I believe that a person, who can contribute to the peace in Turkey, must not be left in isolation, this is to the detriment of Turkey."

Source: Özgür Gündem