A victim is mourned in Nice / Unknown

15/07/2016 - 11:13 0
Rojava's PYD Offers Condolences to People of France Following Bastille Day Attack

The Democratic Union Party (PYD) of Rojava, has offered its condolences to the people of France, after 84 people were killed yesterday in a terror attack.

The PYD General Assembly condemned the truck attack on July 14, Bastille Day, in Nice with a written statement.

“The people of France who had gathered to celebrate the French Revolution were targeted once again by terror attacks. We as the PYD General Assembly condemn this attack. We would like to express our condolences to the families and we wish a swift recovery to the wounded.

The terrorist attacks that have been plaguing the world continue in Rojava. YPG fighters are fighting against these terrorists in Kobanê and other regions. And today, Manbij Military Council fighters under the umbrella of the SDF are cutting off important supply routes to ISIS in the operation carried out in the Shehba region.

We would like to express our condolences once more and we repeat our call to increase the fight against terrorism.”

What happened

A lorry ploughed through Bastille Day celebrations in the Southern French city Nice yesterday night, killing at least 84 people and injuring more than a hundred. Witnesses said the lorry zigzagged in an attempt to hit more people.

The man driving the lorry has been identified as 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, a French citizen of Tunisian descent. Although it has not been confirmed whether the attack was carried out in the name of any jihadist group, officials, including French President Francois Hollande have called it a "terror attack."