Mevlüt Kocakaya and Erdal Kocakaya / Özgur Gündem

30/06/2016 - 16:33 0
Kurdish Civilians Tortured to Death in Lice by Turkish Forces

Two civilians have been tortured to death by Turkish soldiers in Diyarbakir's (Amed) Lice district today.

As the military operation and aerial bombardment in the Kurdish region of Lice and its surrounding mountainous areas continues, Turkish soldiers have killed 40 year-old father of 4 Erdal Kocakaya and 24 year-old Mevlüt Kocakaya.

It has been reported that 20 people were rounded up in the Mehlê village and handcuffed. The two men were then taken to an area nearby and tortured to death.

Witnesses who saw the incident said, "There were about 20 of us wanting to go to the conflict area. We were stopped and rounded up. The two people were taken to another area nearby. Their clothes were taken off and their heads were forced in the water. After the torture they stepped on the heads of the two men, who were dead, and took photos."

The incident is reminiscent of Turkish military practices in the 90s, when whole villages and towns were rounded up and people were tortured and shot to death.

Recently the Turkish parliament passed a bill giving military personnel immunity from prosecution for acts during military operations.

Source: DIHA