Turkish heavy artillery facing YPG positions / Stock Photo

25/06/2016 - 17:52 0
YPG: Turkey and Islamic State Attacking Kobane

The People's Protection Units (YPG) released a statement today saying that there have been simultaneous attacks by the Turkish army and Islamic State (IS) on villages in the Kobane region, Rojava (Northern Syria).

"Deploying heavy weaponry, Turkish military forces struck [YPG] positions near the village of Koreli in western Kobane. Simultaneously Turkish forces indiscriminately fired at the civilian population in the village of Boban, western countryside of Kobane.

At the same time, ISIS militants attacked Shiukh in southwestern Kobane. “The group who tried to infiltrate into secured parts of the Euphrates’ eastern banks, were confronted and forced by [YPG] to withdraw,” the YPG statement read.

No casualties were reported in the statement.

Attacks come on the anniversary of the Kobane massacre last year, when 233 people were killed by Islamic State militants, a group of whom crossed over from the Turkish border.