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23/06/2016 - 15:28 0
Curfews Declared in 39 Kurdish Villages as Military Operation Expands

The military operation launched by the Turkish army in the rural areas of Diyarbakir's (Amed) Lice, Kulp, Silvan, Hani and Hazro districts and Bingöl’s Genç district continues. Turkish fighter jets continue bombing the villages as part of the operation.

39 villages were put under curfew in Lice, Kocaköy (Karaz) and Hazro districts as the military continued expanding its operation against alleged Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) encampments.

The villages placed under curfew are: Karaz’s Gözebaşı, Gökçe and Boyunlu villages, Hazro's Çitlibahçe village, Lice's Örtülü, Erginköy, Kıralan, Dernek, Yamaçlı, Akçabudak, Kılıçlı, Yorulmaz, Yalımlı, Baharlar, Hedik, Bayırlı, Saydamlı, Bağlan, Serince, Yalaza, Ortaç, Kayacık, Uçarı, Esenler, Ziyaret, Dolunay, Çavundur, Çağdaş, Dibekköy, Yolçatı, Arıklı, Ulucak, Güldiken, Yaprakköy, Tuzlaköy, Damar, Sığınak, Budak and Kabakaya villages.

Meanwhile, 6 villages in Bingöl’s Genç district were also placed under curfew starting from 9.00 a.m. today.

A related statement issued by the Bingöl Governorate announced that a military operation would take place in the vicinity of Şehitköy, Yeniyazı, Yazkonağı, Yolaçtı, Büyükçağ and Yayla villages in Genç district.

The Turkish military has shifted its operations to the rural areas of Turkey's Kurdish region (North Kurdistan) after fighting ceased in town and city centres, with Kurdish YPS militias pulling out of Nusaybin and Sirnak in May.

Reports suggest the Turkish government and army are intent on dealing the "final blow" to the PKK militarily, while concurrently targeting democratic politics by arresting Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputies and placing into administration Democratic Regions' Party (DBP) municipalities.

Critics of the Turkish state's policy say 'elimination policies' against the Kurdish movement have been tried and tested many times in the past 30 years, failing each time, while also victimising Kurds as a whole.

There are also fears that aerial bombardments are destroying villagers' livelihoods and habitat, as the army attempt to destroy densely forested areas because they are said to provide cover for guerrilla fighters.

Source: ANF

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