People 'surrendering' in Nusaybin

30/05/2016 - 14:57 0
Footage of 'Kurdish Militants' Surrendering in Nusaybin Was Staged

A video used by Turkish media claiming to show Kurdish militants of the Civil Defence Units (YPS) in Nusaybin surrendering, has been exposed as being staged. The video, which showed mostly young Kurd teenagers being humiliated, had caused outrage among Kurdish communities as claims were made that the people were civilians.

A new video has now emerged on social media, showing soldiers directing the people to kneel on the floor, as photos are taken while announcements are made for others to surrender.

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Turkish media had portrayed the incident as a 'historic victory' for state forces as up to 40 people were paraded with their hands in the air, 'surrendering' in Nusaybin.

Kurdish sources, including HDP and DBP executives, claimed that the people in question were civilians who had been evacuated out of Nusaybin after YPS militia declared their withdrawal on 26 May.

The video has further put mainstream Turkish media objectivity and honesty in the limelight as many cases of manipulation, psychological warfare and fabricated news items continue being found out on social media.