Hürşit Külter

28/05/2016 - 23:18 0
Where Is Hurşit Külter?

Activists on social media have begun a campaign under the hashtag #HursitKulterNerede (#Where Is Hursit Kulter) after Kurdish Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Şırnak executive Hürşit Külter went missing following detainment by Turkish special forces police yesterday.

Külter, who was in the beleaguered district Şırnak, which has been under siege for 75 days, had sent a text message to family members saying he had been surrounded by special forces teams, "Give me your blessings. I don't have much left [to live]. Give my regards to everyone," his message read.

A Twitter account “BOF @Tweet_Guneydoğu”, which is thought to belong to Turkish special forces teams shared a tweet yesterday night claiming that Külter had been taken into custody. The tweet was later deleted and the account closed.

Despite attempts by lawyers and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) parliamentarians to get information on Külter's whereabouts, Şırnak Police Headquarters, the local Prosecutor's Office and Military Command have said they do not have any information regarding Külter and have refused claims that he has been detained.

Külter's family have made an urgent appeal for their son to be found. It is feared that he may have been disappeard or a victim of an extrajudicial killing by security forces.

Thousands of people have been 'disappeared' and killed in extrajudicial murders by state forces in Turkey, with the most violent spree occurring in the early 1990s, as state forces engaged in what is now called 'the dirty war' against the Kurdish population. 

Source: DIHA