23/04/2016 - 09:19 0
Žižek: Turkey Pretending to Fight Terror but "Viciously" Attacking Kurds

Prominent philosopher Slavoj Žižek has spoken to Russia Today about the crisis in the Middle East, Europe’s refugee policy and Turkey’s “vicious” attacks on Kurds.

Žižek argued that a “new axis of evil” had emerged in the region with its components being Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia. “We now know that Israel and Saudi Arabia openly collaborate on security issues, secret policy, military and so on. This new front is against mostly their Shia opponents. This is a crucial fact and is the source of the problems… Turkey is ruthlessly pursuing its agenda. The [refugee] agreement is totally unethical. [The EU] is making a compromise with a state which is in part responsible for the crisis,” Žižek said.

Also commenting on Turkey’s policy against Rojava, Žižek pointed out that Turkey was allegedly “pretending to fight terror” in the region, but in reality was attacking Kurds, one of the only forces in Northern Syria really fighting the Islamic State. “He [Erdogan] cooked up this new crisis with Kurds and the operation was very vicious. He hoped he would succeed in preventing the Kurdish party [HDP] from entering the Parliament,” said Žižek.

The philosopher went on to convey a very pessimistic future for democracy in Turkey by saying, ““Kurds are victims of a more fundamental problem that concerns Turkish society. What kind of Turkey will emerge now? Two years ago there were big [Gezi] demonstrations in Istanbul. [The authorities] are projecting an external enemy their own inner antagonism.”

Žižek described the refugee crisis and Europe’s approach “a political fiasco of Europe… a scandal,” adding that immigrants “just flow in a disorganised way.”

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